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Sia 5L


Alcohol hand sanitizer gel. Protection up to 2 hours. Does not dry out the skin. Does not ecological problems. Rapid drying, instant kill.

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A popular choice for businesses and organisations. Our 5 Litre Hand sanitiser is a great bulk option.

  • Great gel viscosity, this is not a liquid rub or spray.
  • Excellent defence against the spread of Coronavirus and seasonal flu.
  • 70% Alcohol content effective at killing 99.9% of bacteria.
  • Quick dry formula, no water or rinse required.
  • BS EN 1276 Tested and compliant.
  • Made in the UK.

Our hand sanitisers have at least 70% alcohol content as recommended to use by the WHO (World Health Organisation). The world health organisation has shown that hand sanitisers with at least 70% alcohol content defend against viruses like the flu virus (H1N1). To date no testing is available to test against coronavirus.