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Hunter Shield


HS 01 Environmentally friendly silicone chin visor Ergonomic design, stylish structure. Comfortable, light and reusable High-tech Nano anti-fogging treatment Suitable for all face types. Soft to wear and skin friendly. Chin cut out design. Adjustable fibre elastic ear straps.

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Hunter Shield is a visor that provides protection for you and for those close to you.

It is lightweight, unobtrusive, reusable, and suitable for all age groups.

It overcomes the uncomfortable claustrophobic feeling associated with cloth masks, surgical masks and full-face shields.

When you receive your Hunter Shield, with clean hands or clean disposal gloves, remove all packaging without touching the transparent part of the visor.

Slide the silicone chin attachment firmly into the slots at the bottom of the visor, if not already attached.

While holding the chin piece, place the fibre elastic ear straps around the back of each ear.

You can adjust the length of each strap loop to your comfort.

To remove, simply remove the fibre elastic ear straps from around each ear while avoid touching the fog treated transparent part of the visor.

A soft cloth or sponge can be used to gently clean the shield. Rinse the shield in clear water and dry with a soft cotton towel or a microfiber cloth.

Soap and water can remove microbes. Please follow health standards regarding soap and water cleaning instructions/guidelines.

It is recommended to use a clean microfiber cloth when cleaning the visor.

Store in a cool, dry, clean location.